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Johnny Logan at GENERATOR

Experience Johnny Logan at the Generator venue!

Not all singers can be called "exceptional." But Johnny Logan can definitely be called that! To this day, he remains the only artist to have won the Eurovision Song Contest three times, and with over 6 million albums sold, Johnny Logan has long since made his mark in music history.

In 2023, Johnny Logan and friends gave the concert of the year at Generator in Ringkøbing. It was a huge musical experience for the audience, with a singer and a band consisting of top-tier musicians from the Danish music scene.

Johnny Logan not only "delivered the goods" for a very enthusiastic audience but did so to such an extent that one could fear the roof might lift off the venue several times.

Don't miss the reprise when he returns with the band to Generator in the fall of 2024.

Event time: Friday the 11th of October at 20.00, doors open at 19:00

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