Christmas market at Esrum Kloster og Møllegård

A trip to Esrum Abbey's annual Christmas market is a journey through the historical origins of Christmas. You will experience a market with goods a bounty all the way from the abbey's ancient roots in France, the Middle Ages and North Sealand.

The air is filled with the scent of pine, candles, Christmas delicacies and spices. Here you will find gifts to put under the tree and temptations to sweeten the Christmas waiting time. Christmas dinner with a mug of frothy beer is served in the cosy abbey basement.

French delicacies 

At the market, you can go dive into a wealth of delicacies brought directly from France - just as the monks did. Taste and buy amazing raw milk cheese with tempting Trappist beer, seductive buttery pies, sticky sweet stuff and a whole lot more. Also, enjoy the most beautiful decorated- and French - Christmas table. Maybe for inspiration.

Local quality products

Another thing we can thank the French monks at Esrum for is the good apple. Therefore, you will also be able to experience the apple in many different shapes - from mulled apple to apple mead from Denmark's best mead brewer. Furthermore, the Middle Ages will be brought into play in a modern rendition when quality producers primarily from the food network 'Taste North Sealand' offer delicious new interpretations of medieval bread, beer, spices, charcuterie, wine, pickled berries and fruits, and much more.

When your bags are full, you can quench the thirst with the Abbey beer, coffee or mulled wine in the atmospheric abbey cellar, or warm yourself by the heat of fires in the abbey courtyard.

Admission for adults is DKK 50,-, for children (3 - 14) DKK 35.