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Come, see, touch, feel and help feed the fish that swim around and thrive in the aquarium in Thyborøn. At JyllandsAkvariet you won't just find an atmospheric aquarium, but a whole maritime universe full of exciting fish, including the ferocious piranhas.

Experiences at the aquarium

Come, see, touch, follow and help feed the fish that swim around and live well in the aquariums in Thyborøn.
Maybe you dare to grab a crab or stroke a catshark on its back?

On certain days, you can help feed the sharks, rays, and flatfish in our touch pools. Explore our children’s submarine and go searching for amber on our indoor beach. You may keep the amber you find.

Trips in the nature around Thyborøn

In addition to the indoor experiences, JyllandsAkvariet invites you on adventurous excursions in the heart of West Jutland. Start with a tractor bus ride through the breathtaking landscapes of Thyborøn. While feeling the fresh air, you can experience the small animals at the edge of the Limfjord and, with a little luck, spot curious seals in the water. Next, you can experience a boat trip where you can get up close and personal with the seals as they playfully swim around under our glass-windowed educational boats. For those with a passion for treasure hunting, we also offer a guided tour along the North Sea coast. Here you can learn the secrets of finding the coveted golden stone, amber. Whatever you choose, we guarantee unforgettable experiences in the lap of nature.

Nature safari: Join us and experience the beautiful nature around Thyborøn on a nature safari in a tractor bus. The tractor bus travels out into the Limfjord, an area rich in biodiversity and natural wonders, and this is where the real adventure begins.
When you step aboard our robust tractor bus, you'll embark on an expedition that offers everything from beautiful landscapes to exciting wildlife. As we gently make our way along the fjord, you'll feel the fresh fjord breeze and smell the salt water.

Our experienced guide will delve into the stories and secrets of the creatures that have made the Limfjord their home. From the tiny crabs scurrying between the rocks to the glistening fish swimming beneath the surface, we promise that every discovery will be an unforgettable experience.
But it's not just the underwater life that captures your attention.

As we continue our journey, it's important to keep our eyes open. Perhaps an elegant osprey will dive down for a meal, or a flock of wading birds will forage at the water's edge. And if we're really lucky, we might also spot a funny bird or a cheeky seal sunbathing or playing in the cool waters of the fjord.

Seal safari:Enjoy nature from the sea and get up close to the many seals frolicking on the sandy islands on a seal safari in JyllandsAkvariet's glass-windowed educational boats. When you board our special boat, you embark on a maritime adventure where the horizon is wide and the possibilities for wildlife are limitless. As the boat cuts through the clear waters of the Limfjord, you can expect a sense of calm as you watch the landscape change and the water shimmer around you. Our experienced guide will share fascinating information and stories about the life of seals, their habits and how they have adapted to life in this part of Denmark. With the boat's unique glass windows, you'll also get a unique view that provides an insight into the rich marine life beneath the waves.

But the most breathtaking moment lies ahead. Imagine approaching a pod of seals sunning themselves on the sandy islands or playfully diving underwater. Their curious eyes and playful movements are sure to charm any visitor. It's these moments of intimacy with nature that make the Seal Safari an unforgettable experience.

Amber safari: Get a breath of fresh air from the North Sea on JyllandsAkvariet's Amber Safaris, where you'll get advice on where, how and when to find amber along the West Coast. As you embark on this enchanting tour, you'll enter a world of history, beauty and the tranquillity that only the coast can provide.

As you walk along the rugged coast, you can feel the cool breeze that brings with it the sound of the waves crashing and the smell of salt water. Every stone you turn over, every step on the wet sand can reveal a glimpse of the 'gold of the north' - the coveted amber that many have sought for centuries.
Our experienced guides will be there every step of the way to help you distinguish between the real amber nuggets and the ordinary stones. They'll share tips, tricks and stories about the origins of amber, its importance in culture and how to identify and preserve your finds.
But it's not just the hunt for amber that makes this tour special.

It's the overall experience - being at one with nature, feeling the power of the North Sea, and discovering treasures that have been waiting millions of years to be found.

Oyster safari: Oyster safaris are one of JyllandsAkvariet's most sought-after adventures. In the crystal clear waters of the Limfjord lies a hidden treasure - the exquisite Limfjord oyster, a delicacy known and loved by gourmets all over the world.
From the moment you step aboard our tour boat, you'll be part of a culinary expedition. With the fresh fjord breeze in your face and the gentle lapping of water against the boat's hull, you embark on a journey to discover and harvest this natural delicacy that has thrived in the waters of the Limfjord for thousands of years.

Our knowledgeable guides will teach you the art of collecting oysters, provide insight into the oyster's life cycle and reveal the secrets behind the perfect preparation. And when the catch is in, it's a feast for the senses! Imagine standing by the shore overlooking the sparkling fjord while you cook oysters on the grill, or even taste them in their purest form - raw, fresh and bursting with the flavour of the sea.
But the Oyster Safari isn't just about the delicacy itself. It's also a profound connection with nature, a reminder of the richness of the Limfjord, and a celebration of the simple pleasures of harvesting and enjoying fresh produce in good company.

Fun experiences all year round at JyllandsAkvariet

JyllandsAkvariet in Thyborøn is not just a summer destination. No, no matter what time of year you choose to visit this fascinating place, you're guaranteed exciting experiences. Sit back and let us guide you through a year full of natural beauty and maritime experiences.

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