Club Fanø has a shop where we sell products made of cork.

Cork is a fantastic natural material made from the bark of cork oak. Most people probably connect cork with wine corks, floor coverings, notice boards, table protectors and the like, but can be used for many different purposes.

At we use cork for bags, backpacks, wallets, caps and much more. The products are designed and produced by our partners in Spain and Portugal.

The cork oak is found mainly in the Mediterranean area, especially Portugal and Spain. It is the only type of wood that makes such a thick bark layer with a uniform structure. New bark is constantly forming on these trees. What is harvested is the dead layer of bark. Bark can be harvested from a cork oak approx. every nine years and it is a process that is carefully planned so that the living bark and wood are not damaged in the process.

 The cork has a number of properties that have made it a used material for more than 5,000 years.

  • Liquids and gases cannot penetrate the cork. Therefore, cork has been used to seal bottles, jars and the like
  • Cork is five times lighter than water.
  • Cork does not react to chemical substances and does not absorb foreign odors.
  • Cork has thermal insulating properties.
  • Cork burns with difficulty
  • Cork is one of the most durable organic substances
  • Cork is very easy to clean. It is antistatic and therefore does not attract dust.

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