L.A. Rings Atelier

The L.A. Ring Visitors Centre – between the cathedral and the harbour – is a historic pearl in the middle of the charming Sankt Jørgensberg.

The cottage tells the story of the great Danish painter L.A. Ring and his time in Roskilde from 1914 to 1933. The cottage and its atmosphere give an idea of what life on the hill was like in the early 1900s.

The painter lived with his family in the large redbrick house on the top of the hill. He purchased the little old cottage in order to paint interior pictures with local models in an authentic rustic setting. The cottage reminded Ring of the environment he himself hailed from – poor craftsmen and farm workers in the late 1800s.Ring was known both as a naturalistic painter of landscapes, people and environments, and as a representative for symbolism.

He was engaged in the Modern Breakthrough and the new currents. At the same time he remembered throughout his life his upbringing under the poverty and harsh conditions of the countryside.The Visitors Centre covers both cultural and art history. Ring’s paintings are shown in a number of films and slide shows. A well-illustrated guide to a walk in L.A. Ring’s footsteps is available at the centre. The walk takes you through the evocative and well-preserved surroundings that provided Ring with his motifs and takes 1-1½ hours.

The Visitors Centre is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12.00 -16.00 during the summer months. Guided tours are arranged occasionally; tickets can be bought in advance here.The Centre periodically arranges evening lectures about Ring and related topics.

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