Long- Term parking in Hirtshals

Photo: Hirtshals Turistbureau/Feriehusudlejning
Parking / Parking garage
At Hirtshals Transport Center, long-term parking is offered both with and without video surveillance.

9850 Hirtshals




You can park free of charge at most of the Hirtshals Transport Centre. Or you can park at a special area with video surveillance for a small fee. Parking is either way at your own risk. The distance between Hirtshals Transport Centre and the three ferry companies Smyril Line, Fjord Line and Color Line is approximately 2-3 km. In the summer half year you can take a city bike in front of Hirtshals Tourist Office for transport to the ferry – if there is one at the station. You will need a Danish 10 or 20 crones to release a bike. Hirtshals Tourist Office is not responsible for lack of bikes or defective bikes.

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9850 Hirtshals

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