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Get ready to become part of the story of the ambitious Lykke-Per when Teater JÆVN opens the doors to a modern, interactive stage adaptation of Henrik Pontoppidan's famous novel.

A Danish classic in 2024

The honoured Danish classic Lykke-Per by Henrik Pontoppidan has long celebrated its 100th anniversary. So, are there still lessons to be learned for a modern audience? YES – for has the pursuit of success and meaning ever been more relevant than it is today?

With Pontoppidan's award-winning work, Teater JÆVN has created a dynamic space that not only depicts a story but allows the audience to become part of the narrative. You will embark on a journey into Lykke-Per's universe, where the evergreen themes of progress and freedom are examined and challenged – what does a Lykke-Per look like in Denmark in 2024?


An inclusive story that extends beyond the stage

The creation of Lykke-Per hasn't just focused on audience involvement. The play was developed in close collaboration with the citizens of Hedensted Municipality, who have left their local mark on the experience across the villages. This collaboration has resulted in audio walks, talk shows, and workshops based on the production.

In this way, the performance springs from new communal bonds and regional narratives that inspire far beyond the stage and into the heart of Kystlandet.


Seven villages in Kystlandet

You can catch Lykke-Per in seven villages in Hedensted Municipality, meeting the theater group where it suits you best. The performance premieres on May 16, 2024, and runs until June 8, 2024. The play will be shown in As, Stouby, Rårup, Vrigsted, Uldum, Hornborg, and on Hjarnø.

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About Teater JÆVN

Teater JÆVN creates professional stage art rooted in local life. They bring grand performances close to all spectators, in all parts of the country. The team behind the theater has several major productions to their credit and is nominated for three prestigious Reumert awards this year - Performance of the Year, Musical/Theater of the Year, and Children's/Youth Performance of the Year.

The performances in Hedensted Municipality stem from informal meetings among the people for whom the performance is created – whether they are children, young people, or adults.

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