Madlyst, Øster Hurup

Madlyst is a wonderful place to eat and has a great location in the middle of Øster Hurup. Here you can enjoy some delicious meals with all kinds of flavours. Try the mini-open sandwiches - a transformation of the traditional Danish dish. 


Madlyst is a restaurant with a wide range of delicate meals, all made out of the best quality of food and with an inspirational touch of creativity.

The menu at Madlyst offers a renewal of the Danish traditional open sandwiches (smørrebrød). Try the new mini-open sandwiches (mini-smørrebrød) and get a taste of all the different kinds of flavours and combinations in these small sandwiches - it's delicious! 

At Madlyst you can also enjoy other delicious snacks and dishes like the Danish fish speciality stjerneskud (shooting star) and Fish'N'Chips etc.

In the evening you can enjoy the big buffet, where there’s something for everyone’s taste. Enjoy a nice meal or a drink, either inside the restaurant or outside on the terrace. 

Madlyst offers both take away and do also cater to parties. 

Madlyst is open from Easter (week15) throughout the summer to the end of week 42. 

All year around, Madlyst is open for catering (out of the house) to parties of a minimum of 10 people.