The Nonconformist Chapel Nasareth

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The Nonconformist Chapel, Nasaret, in Nybro was built in 1889, as one of the first nonconformist chapels in the area. 

Aulumvej 5

7400 Herning


Téléphone:+45 96 28 81 48

Mobile:+45 24 45 80 03

During the 1960s, the chapel's functions slowly stopped, but thanks to the local Evangelicals the house was preserved with its original inventory. 

In 1996, the house was declared a protected building and in 2002 thoroughly restored. The house now stands as a valuable historical monument in memory of a time, when the population was divided into two national movements, the Grundtvigianismen and the Evangelicals.

The chapel is open from April 1st - October 31st.


Aulumvej 5

7400 Herning


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