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Monster Heart - Sensory Exhibition

Food is life, poetry and adventure. Food evokes feelings and memories. It's about scents and the way it looks. In this year's sensory exhibition, we throw ourselves with ravenous appetite into one of life's greatest joys: food!

In this year's sensory exhibition, we meet a giant creature that is lost in a shopping centre. With its long arms and furry legs, it spreads out into all the shops, so you have to crawl, crawl and climb to get around.

Over the loudspeaker, a voice announces that the large shopping centre has been visited by a very unusual customer. A hungry creature that just keeps growing and growing and needs energy. Especially the energy we create when we use our bodies, are creative and care for each other.

The children's task is now to explore the shopping centre's quirky universe of glittering neon signs, colourful chewing gum machines and strange shops to collect and create all kinds of good kid energy so that the big monster heart beats rhythmically and happily.

The Sensory Exhibition has been a tradition and an audience favourite at Kunstmuseum Brandts for more than 35 years and is especially aimed at children aged 2-8 years and their adults.

Tip: Avoid queues at the popular sensory exhibition by booking a time to visit via brandts.dk

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