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Motorcycle meet for women

24/8 Motorcycle meeting for women starting in Bagenkop

Women on motorcycles come to Langeland

On 24 August, the Langeland roads will be joined by female motorcyclists. Before the drive, they all meet at Bagenkop.

It is the women's ninth event, and the meeting will therefore be called "9.0 Bagenkop". They started meeting back in 2022, and since then have visited a place in Jutland, Zealand and Funen every year. The event is created by "Mc Meet Ups - only for women"

The last time the women met on Funen, there were 209 participants. Here it took place in Faaborg.

After the meeting, the women go on a joint tour around the whole of Langeland and end at Færgegården's Camping, where they have a communal meal and spend the night.

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