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Musical journey in TICKON

6/8 A specially composed work by Siobhan Lamb in Slotsparken in Tranekær

On Tuesday 6 August at 16:00, you can experience "Natura" in TICKON - a musical work created by talented composer Siobhan Lamb, specially composed and inspired by the park's unique artworks.

This special event is not just an ordinary walk through the park; it's a journey where music and art come together in a magical symbiosis. Siobhan Lamb has managed to capture the essence of the park's artworks and translate it into music.

It will be an opportunity to experience the park in a whole new way, where the sound of music mixes with the rustle of the trees.

So mark your calendars and join us on our musical walk on 6 August at 16:00. Together, let's dive into the enchanting universe of "Natura" and get lost in the beauty that surrounds us in Tranekær Slotspark.

For the concert, among others, you can experience:

  • Dominik Wizjan on piano
  • Vincent Lindsey Clark on classical guitar
  • Gerard Presencer on trumpet

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