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Hornsherredvej 446

4070 Kirke Hyllinge




Sæby-Gershøj Svømmebad & Minigolf (Saeby-Gershoej swimming pool & minigolf) is a little oasis in the north of Lejre municipality, where during the summer children and grown-ups can swim, have fun, soak up the sun and play minigolf. Our small shop offers a selection of ice creams, sweets, toast, coffee/tea and cold drinks. You can also bring your own food and drinks. There are tables and chairs around the 16x8m pool, but you can also enjoy a picnic on the grass. A lifeguard is on duty throughout the pool’s opening hours. The swimming pool is heated using solar and geothermal energy.

A visit to the pool is a great way to spend a summer’s day.

The address of Saeby-Gershoej swimming pool is Hornsherredvej 446, 4070 Kirke Hyllinge. The swimming pool is located next to Sofiehøj Friskole on the road between Sæby and Biltris. Parking places are available to the left of the school.


Hornsherredvej 446

4070 Kirke Hyllinge


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40 DKK - 40 DKK

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