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Enjoy a beer or a glass of wine in unique surroundings in old and well-preserved cellar in Ribe

Torvet 3

6760 Ribe



Mobile:+45 61 65 37 78

Porsborgs Gastro Bar is located in one of Ribe's oldest cellars from 1582. That in itself makes it a very special place to visit. To be noted is also Porsborgs' focus on serving dishes made from seasonal ingredients, for the most part, served to be shared tableside. Add to that, a wine selection including 25 interesting wines served by the glass, Ribe's biggest selection of exotic special brews from all over the world, and an always well-selected coffee bean of the month, ground on the spot and served as drip coffee. Porsborgs is the perfect mix between a historical setting and a modern restaurant and bar.

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Torvet 3

6760 Ribe


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