Rent a bike at Madsby Activity Park

Rent a bike at Madsby Activity Park and explore the surrounding area. Ride the bike around Madsby Park and look at the cows, goats and sheeps in the fields. You can make your way past the shelter, the Historic Mini Town and to Fredericia Sports Center.

Madsby Activity Park is also close to the city centre of Fredericia. Here you can experience the historic ramparts that surround the oldest part of town. Within the ramparts you can go shopping, hit the cafés or enjoy the new canal district by the harbour with its container shops.

3 hours: DKK 50 (+ DKK 100 deposit)
Full day: DKK 100 (+ DKK 100 deposit)

When renting bicycles, you are required to fill in a form with your name, address and phone number at the Information in Madsby Activity Park.

The bikes are for adults, although teens may also fit them due to adjustable seats.