Archery at Ribe VikingeCenter

Ribe VikingeCenter

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At Ribe Viking Centre you step more than 1,000 years back into the Viking Era, meeting warriors, tradesmen, craftsmen, farmers - and all the animals on the farm.

Lustrupvej 4

6760 Ribe


Téléphone:+45 75 41 16 11

You can see reconstructions of the oldest parts of Ribe and now also of Denmark’s first Christian church. As a visitor you can become part of  history, join the warrior training, shoot with a longbow, feed the animals, watch the jester perform, help the lady in the Thing-hall, and much more.

International Viking Market, warriors, Icelandic horses, falconry shows, Viking food, beliefs, legends and tales are just some of the season’s events offering knowledge and insight into the world of the Vikings.

Reenactors from all over Europe flock to Ribe, Denmark’s most important Viking trading centre, presenting authentic reenactions of the past along with the local Vikings.

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Lustrupvej 4

6760 Ribe

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