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Running routes - Feel the History at Tvis Monastry

The hydroelectric lake at Holstebro is a dam of Storå. There are two good running routes: From Mejdal-Hallen around the lake, where you get a large sheepfold. At Tvis Mill, you will find the remains of the Cistercian Monastery Tvis Monastery from 1163. The monastery, Tutta Vallis, was a four-pronged plant. See info signs about the history of the monastery. On the way back you see the sculpture Kaos Temple by Frithioff Johansen.

Vandkraftsøen (Power Station Lake) is located in the outskirts of Holstebro and was created when Storå was dammed between 1940 and 1942. This was done in order to generate electricity at a water-powered power plant. Today the lake’s 64 hectare extent is only used for recreational purposes.

There are two really good running routes. The first begins at Mejdal-Hallen (Mejdal Sports Hall) and goes right round the lake. The route takes in a large sheepfold where sheep graze freely throughout the summer months – you might risk collecting a little extra muck under your shoes.

After the sheepfold you will pass Tvis Mølle (Tvis Mill) which is right next to the remains of Tvis Kloster, a Cistercian monastery founded in 1163. On your way back round the other side of the lake you pass TV-MIDT/VEST and Frithioff Johansen’s striking sculpture Kaos Tempel (Chaos Temple). If you want a shorter route, try starting from Mejdal-Hallen and jogging in the area around Uhregård.

Bike paths, nature trails and residential streets, 10 km.



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