Snaps tours in Skagen

Take a snaps-tour nearby Hotel Skagen Strand, where we find herbs that are current for the season.

We take a hike on Hulsig Hede and find herbs for a good snaps in the harsh nature.

During the tour we taste different snaps, where the actual herbs are used as an ingredient.

We also find other herbs, berries and fruits that are good for seasoning but where they must be harvested at other times during the season. Often, it is precisely here that there is a lot of inspiration, recipes and guidance for the participants.

Jan Kristiansen from , with more than 30 years of experience, will also tell how to make your own snaps and thus get your own experience from Skagen back home in a bottle.

During the tour you will have the opportunity to collect different berries and herbs for your own snaps, so it is a good idea to bring a basket or bag for collection.

The trip lasts approx. 2 hours with plenty of time to ask questions and exchange tips.

You will have the opportunity to taste 6 different spice snaps corresponding to approx. 3 items. All made from plants from the area.

We end with the opportunity to taste other very different spirits.

The tour is completed at min. 10 and max. 25 participants.

Price: DKK 125, - per. pers.

Arr .: