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Schumacher's Akvavit

Have you tasted schnapps on spruce needles? Schumacher's Brandy is a modern declaration of love for the brandy, and a showdown with the classic cumin brandy.

“Have you ever tasted schnapps flavoured with pine needles?”

Schumacher's Brændevin is a modern declaration of love to akvavit and a revolt against the traditional cumin akvavit.  The chef Dan Schumacher at Café Pussy Galore´s Flying Circus in Nørrebro created ”Schumacher's Chili/Citron Brændevin” in 2001, which quickly became a sought-after bestseller.

The modern spiced akvavit

Since then it has been Schumacher's mission to develop modern spiced akvavits which also suit the modern kitchen, and it is thereby also a rebellion against the classic cumin taste.

Also for cocktails

Schumacher's Brændevine is today an ingredient you can readily find in cocktails in the nightlife in Copenhagen, and as an avec at the country's top restaurants – but interestingly it can also be found on the shelves at the classic lunch restaurants in Copenhagen.

Where can I purchase this fine akvavit?

You can purchase the akvavit online at the store

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