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Skovgaards Raaling is a cosy and small restaurant, situated close to the Eastern Coast. It is one of Denmark's oldest privately owned houses and was first mentioned under King Christian III in 1552. 

Syrenvej 2

9370 Hals


Téléphone:+45 27 63 82 05

Skovgaards Raaling offers:
- Speciality in the form of 'Raalingsbrasserade' with roasted pig
- A la carte menu
- Freshly produced Danish open sandwhiches
- Company events
- Cosy restaurant with specialty beers and Raalingens original Irish coffee
- Christmas Buffet
- Whitsun festival

During peak season, Skovgaards Raaling hosts special events, and each year, different artists present their work on the walls of Skovgaards Raaling.


Syrenvej 2

9370 Hals


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