Slettegård v/Hjortdal

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Private accommodation

Hjortdalvej 121, Hjortdal

9690 Fjerritslev




Slettegaard is located in beautiful and peaceful surroundings close to forest and beach by Hjordal, which contains some of the most fascinating scenery in Jammerbugten.

The farm is an old farm, where we still have cows, chicken, cats, rabbits and dogs.

There is a large garden for relaxation and play.

Svinkløv Klitplantage, located just outside the door, includes many hiking, riding and MTB trails, including the North Sea Trail. A walk througt the woods also brings you to beautiful beaches respectively Svinkløv and Slettestrand.

Hjortdalvej 121, Hjortdal

9690 Fjerritslev

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