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Smag På Dig Selv at GENERATOR

Experience Smag På Dig Selv at the Generator venue!

One drummer and two saxophonists. That's the recipe for one of the Nordic region's wildest live bands. It tastes of punk, it tastes of jazz, a little bit of pop, hip-hop, afro-beat and maybe some 90s dance. Christianshavn trio Smag På Dig Selv epitomises instrumental euphoria - dangerous, forward-thinking, seductive and free.

The three friends in Smag På Dig Selv teamed up their saxophones and drums in 2018 with a vision of kicking people onto the dance floor and pushing the boundaries of the usual concert experience and genre understanding and have since then been roaming the Danish underground, leaving stages, dance floors and audiences in sweat-dripping ecstasy. With just one EP under their belt, SPDS have played countless concerts across the country and in Russia over the past 5 years and have established themselves as a ballsy live phenomenon in many underground environments.

When: Thursday the 12th of September, 20:00, doors open at 19:00

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