SportsPark Blaavandshuk - Resort

Welcome to SportsPark Blaavandshuk in Oksbøl – a gathering point for groups and families!
All year round, SportsPark Blaavandshuk attracts families, groups and holiday visitors who enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the unique facilities, including the 3500 m2 aquapark.

A gathering point
SportsPark Blaavandshuk is visited by more than 1 million users, groups and guests every year – people who want to be active in- or outdoors. The centre is open 365 days a year and offers accommodation in unique specially designed cabins that are highly sought after among nature lovers, families with children and sports groups. The cabins are situated in the Aal dune plantation (Aal Klitplantage) 75 metres behind the centre.

Activities for everyone
SportsPark Blaavandshuk has 3 sports halls, a jumping centre, 600 m2 fitness and indoor cycling centre, 3500m2 aquapark, sports field with artificial grass for football and tennis players, shooting range and billiards as well as an ultramodern E-sport room. Our professional staff (personal trainers, dieticians etc.) are always ready to help you.

Having rented a cabin, you have free access to most facilities and to parts of the Ho golf centre.

The surroundings and the city of Oksbøl
SportsPark Blaavandshuk is beautifully situated at the edge of the Aal dune plantation, which reaches all the way to the whitest beaches. And shopping facilities are less than 200 metres from the SportsPark – right in the centre of Oksbøl. The location of the SportsPark is just perfect!

You will not be needing anything when staying at the SportsPark
We have extensive experience in organising small and large events. The family stays in attractive surroundings combined with the “Pyramiden” (”gathering hall”) have rumoured far away. With active opportunities for everyone, you will hardly find a more suitable resort! 

SportsPark Blaavandshuk is much more than Oksbøl
In addition to the 12,000 m2 fitness centre in Oksbøl, which is located in an almost 50,000 m2 area, SportsPark Blaavandshuk also includes a fitness centre in Blåvand and, before long, in Vejers. The Ho golf centre is also part of the SportsPark Blaavandshuk. The golf centre includes 540,000 m2 with two 9-hole courses and the very famous 18-hole course - situated in both the North Sea Nature Park and in the Wadden Sea National Park. You will find a golf café and a bistro at the golf centre.

We are constantly developing
Far and wide, we are known for our active approach to life, and at SportsPark Blaavandshuk we are constantly developing for the benefit of our users and all our guests. In other words, we provide the surroundings for experiences …