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Strandvejen 11

9000 Aalborg


Téléphone:98 10 98 40

At SushiMania XO you will get an extraordinary food experience, with a menu offering luxury sushi and Asian dishes with fish from 100% sustainable sources. Enjoy a meal at the restaurant or as take away.

SushiMania XO is a gourmet experience in Aalborg you shouldn’t miss. Enjoy a nice evening in the amazing settings close Aalborg waterfront or order your food as take away and eat luxury sushi anywhere you wish. Located close to the city center, SushiMania XO is the perfect spot to experience the best from the Asian kitchen. The menu offers a wide variety of Asian dishes, including, gourmet sushi, bao’s and sticks, you can find the menu here.

At SushiMania XO you will experience a feeling of luxury, from the décor to the food, and the professional staff. SushiMania is conscious about sustainability, the restaurant has since 2012 only uses fish from 100% sustainable sources.

Keep up to date on SushiMania XO’s Facebook page, for events such as, Cocktail Nights and Jazz Nights, where local musicians will be visiting the restaurant.

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Strandvejen 11

9000 Aalborg

Heures de travail

01 Jan 19 / 01 Jan 21

17:00 - 21:00

13:00 - 21:00


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