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Toasted Marshmallows on bonfire - North Shore Surf

North Shore Surf invites to some "hygge" around a bonfire. Visit North Shore Surf and get the warmth from a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

You will find an unspoiled and unique surf-café, North Shore Surf, sheltered in the dunes. Here there are happy days outside their humble little café in their huge “sandbox” and hammocks during the summer months. Nevertheless, this hangout is just as popular as it is during the summer.   

Stop by North Shore Surf and enjoy the fresh air blowing in from the West while sitting around the bonfire grilling marshmallows or enjoying delicious hot beverages! And this a deal-breaker. Being this close to the North Sea you have to serve the right stuff. Have your self…

  • Heart-shaped waffles
  • Coffee
  • Hot chocolate
  • Irish Coffee
  • Hot chocolate with amaretto. Amaretto just gives the chocolate a taste of almonds and apricots – just like marzipan.
  • Hot chocolate with rum / Lumumba. The rum helps you getting the warm sense all the way into your bones.



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