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Industrivej 1, Tranebjerg

8305 Samsø


Téléphone:86 59 00 87

With more than 35 years of experience, Tranebjerg Tømrer- og Snedkerforretning is the safest bet when it comes to craftsmanship.

The company’s 8-10 employees have many different skills and specialties that cover everything in joinery, carpentry, painting and sewage work. You always get a high degree of professionalism with Tranebjerg Tømrer- og Snedkerforretning.

Tranebjerg Tømrer- og Snedkerforretning offers many services, including the following:

Windows and doors: The company is a certified Velfac VinduesMester (Velfac Window Master) and does repairs and complete replacements.
Roofs: New roof, replacing old roof, repairs.
Insulation: Cavity insulation, insulation of ceilings, floors and storey partitions.
Rebuilding: Partitions, staircases, breaking down walls.
Extension: Sheds, extensions, annexes, patios, terraces.
All-inclusive Contracting: Tranebjerg Tømrer- og Snedkerforretning provides drawings, calculations, permits, communication with subcontractors and construction management. All in close dialogue with you.
Setting up of kitchens and bathrooms: Brand new kitchen or bathroom and replacements of individual elements
Locks: Tranebjerg Tømrer- og Snedkerforretning is an authorised Skafor installer.
Vinyl in baths and kitchens: Extensive know-how when it comes to installing vinyl in bathrooms, kitchens etc.
Painting: The company employs two painters that are able to handle both large and small tasks.
Tranebjerg Tømrer- og Snedkerforretning is a member of Dansk Byggeri og Byg Garanti (Danish Construction and Building Warranty).


Industrivej 1, Tranebjerg

8305 Samsø


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