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Vejle Football Golf (Soccer Golf) allows you to spend a fun and active day with family, friends, colleagues, classmates or anyone else. The aim is to kick the ball around the obstacles and into the hole – the participant who manages this using the fewest kicks wins.

Lunden 2

7182 Bredsten



Vejle Football Golf is located on rolling green hills by Bredsten, 10 minutes west of Vejle. The 18-hole course offers challenges of variable difficulty so everyone can join the fun according to skills.

Football Golf is a pleasant activity, regardless of whether you are 1, 2, 5, or 70 persons. Call in advance if you are more than 10. One round of football golf takes approx. 1½ hour if you are 4 people. But when admission is paid, you can play the rest of the day

There is a barbecue grill for public use, so remember to bring sausages and your picnic basket!

Remember: No access wearing football boots.


Lunden 2

7182 Bredsten

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