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Close to the city center on an old industrial site at the Aarhus river you will find a big, wonderful terrace. The terrace works as a free resting site and an outdoor, roofed-over event site for citizens, guests and tourists in Aarhus. The site appears as an old abandoned factory from the nineteenth century and is open to everyone, giving as taking, from April to October.

Verner Bryder

8000 Aarhus C


The history of the site

In 2013 Jonas Pindhund and Thomas VovemoD – the habit breakers (vanebryderne) from Aarhus – plus a bunch of the city's most creative building artists and event people built the so-called oasis (aa-ase) in just one month. It was well supported by the city's visionary business community. The site was upon completion given to the city's organisations and creative enthusiasts under the so called 'givism'-principle (givisme), which is the idea of "giving something to others without expecting anything back." As such the site can be both borrowed and used completely free of charge, as long as everyone, who attends, are welcome, and as long as no trading and dealing takes place – only giving to each other.

What can you see?

If you are visiting Aarhus, or you are a citizen who wants to experience Aarhus from a different angle, you might catch a free concert, an exhibition, a short film or perhaps even the legendary LEFTSIDE-givisme festival. The latter takes place in the same weekend as Northside festival. Here people are invited in to enjoy 2000 free beers, accompanied by a series of concerts, food and more, all in a period of one day.

If there are no events in the calendar, drop by anyway and enjoy the unusual 'Berlin' building style and the serenity of the beautiful river. Bring your own food and drinks – and gladly a bit extra, as it is, as mentioned, in the place spirit to share with others. Thus, you will often be able to find free beer and soft drinks in the refrigerator. You are also more than welcome, if you come from the riverside in a canoe.

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Verner Bryder

8000 Aarhus C

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