Vester Nebel Church

14th century village church near Esbjerg

This church was probably built in the 14th century.
The choir has ornamental decorations by the "Lily Master"
from about 1500-20. The crucifix on the north wall is especially
interesting, both in terms of general history and the history of art.
In 1958, a small package with relics was found in a cavity in the
head of the figure. There was a strip of parchment with this inscription:
"This rib from the 11,000 virgins was placed here in honour of the Holy
Cross by Magister Thyge, cantor in Ribe, in the Year of Our Lord 1318,
8 days after the Ascension of the Lord".
There is also a mosaic glass window from 1979, created by Jens Urup Jensen.

The Church is from 08.00 - 17.00 open.