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Visit Provstgaard's Jagthus

Travel back in time at Skjern Enge in Provstgaards Jagthus. Experience a piece of Danish history amidst the breathtaking nature of Skjern Enge, where Provstgaards Jagthus stands as a testament to life 100 years ago. Here, where the sounds of nature dominate and the river Skjern meanders through the landscape, you can step into a very special universe for free.

When you visit Provstgaards Jagthus, you can also enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake in the cosy living rooms or outside in the scenic surroundings. Here you can feel the peace and quiet that the brothers experienced every day.

Provstgaards Jagthus is the perfect stop on a trip to Skjern Å and Pump Station Nord. The small museum has free admission and is an ideal place to take a break on your bike ride or walk. Enjoy the stunning scenery, experience the impressive view from Pump Station North and take a boat trip on the tow ferry.

Come and experience a piece of authentic Danish history at Skjern Enge. Provstgaards Jagthus offers a rare opportunity to dive into the past and feel the presence of nature as the Provstgaard brothers did 100 years ago.

Practical information
Opening hours: July and August: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11-16. Opening hours for the rest of the year can be found at provstgaardsjagthus.dk
Admission: Admission is free at Provstgaards Jagthus.

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