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Unesco World Heritage Site Wadden Sea - unique wild life

Vadehavet/Ho Bugt

6710 Esbjerg V


The Wadden Sea National Park is one of the worlds top ten tidal flats and it is on Unesco's World Heritage list.

Huge and stimulating - a place of experience and knowledge for everybody - a unique nature reserve, one of a kind in Denmark, and with a global significance. The tides makes a huge impression when twice a day 1,000,000,000 m3 of water is moved back and forth through the depths. The Wadden Sea is the flawless quit water, and simultaneously the turbulent ocean on the outside of the dike. The Wadden Sea is full of life - in the air, in the low water, above and below the marshes` surface. No other place in Denmark is it possible to encounter so many migrating birds, spring as well as autumn - a total of 10-12 million. During hatching season, do mind your feet, as the bird nests occur in the strangest of places.

The warm and low waters of the Wadden sea is at the same time the natural breeding area for many of our most important fish species, and here our summer visitors - the mullet - congregates in great numbers. The Wadden Sea is today the home of the largest population of the common seal Denmark.


Vadehavet/Ho Bugt

6710 Esbjerg V


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