Wecycle Copenhagen

Wecycle Copenhagen combines two things very dear to the Danes bikes and coffee.

Wecycle started as a hobby, when the architect Haukur Thorr began to wonder, why people would just throw things away – like their old bikes. One day, he bought an abandoned Raleigh bicycle from a police auction and dedicated his time to giving it new life.

Soon after the project was finished, Haukur was riding around on the upcycled bike when somebody stopped him on the street – and bought his creation at the spot. That’s when he realised there could be more to his hobby, and together with his wife, he decided to open Wecycle Copenhagen.

Since then, the shop has grown to become a popular place for both coffee lovers and bicycle enthusiasts. The upcycled bikes attract the pickier people that wants a unique bike as well as the special experience that comes with a customized bike.

Wecycle is also reseller of the vintage style Achielle bikes that are handmade in Belgium. The family owned company has existed since 1946, and the traditional bikes ooze of nostalgia. Lastly, Wecycle also rent out quality bikes, making sure tourists get to ride the streets of Copenhagen with style.

Precisely quality and experience is the essence of Wecycle, and everything in the shop is carefully selected – right from the bicycle saddles to the coffee beans. You can find many Danish and local favourites such as Leckerbaer’s brownies (we love them as well) and Mikkeller beer. Stop by for an excellent cup of coffee, to rummage their quality gear, or just to admire the beautiful, custom made bikes.