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Løvstrupvej 1

6900 Skjern


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When was the last time you were up in the tree tops?

Create some great holiday memories playing in the trees with your kids and grandkids in this unique fun and play park. Playing in this West Jutland forest is a natural and simple way to play and get some exercise and find your inner child again.

Get a rush as you go for a ride in one of the slings. Climb the trees and go from tree top to tree top. Discover the beautiful huts in the trees. Run across the forest floor or the big nets in the trees, while you try to keep your balance. Find your way through the forest labyrinth before everybody else. Crawl through the troll’s cave and see where Max the troll lives. You can also visit the park’s cute goats; they’ll love a visit.

There are lots of challenges and room for everyone. WOW PARK Skjern is a fantastic place, where it’s all about having fun together.

At WOW PARK Skjern we don’t serve candy, fry-ups and sodas. Instead you can buy delicious sandwiches, cookies, organic ice cream, organic juice, locally produced sausages, bread with plenty of fibers, and much more. If you feel like making twistbread or popcorn, you can do that in one of the park’s fire pits, which are free of charge. You can buy dough and popcorn at the WOW PARK Skjern's cosy café.

Watch the video about WOW PARK Skjern and visit

You can visit the park both in WOW PARK Skjern and in WOW Park Billund.
Jeanette Christensen:*** An amazing place. We had a wonderful experience with our gran kids. We’ll be back soon.

Rikke Lisby:*** This is great. Both kids and adults had a super day at WOW PARK Skjern. We can’t wait till next time!

Karina Egholm:*** My 4-year-old twins’ opinion about this fantastic WOW PARK Skjern: Mom – this is so fun :-)


Løvstrupvej 1

6900 Skjern


Amusement park

Dogs allowed

Packed lunch permitted


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