Voyager en toute sécurité au Danemark

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Tenez-vous informés sur les dernières recommandations pour les visiteurs qui se rendent au Danemark.

How is life in Denmark?

People are expected to keep their distance from each other, and in some situations, face masks are mandatory. There may be different restrictions in place in different parts of Denmark, so check before travel in case they affect your trip. Find out more about life in Denmark below.

Denmark’s attractions have hygiene measures in place. Typically, that means buying an entry ticket online, scanning it via your mobile phone on entry, reduced capacity at attractions, hand sanitiser on offer and extra cleaning. Most large public gatherings have been cancelled for 2020 and there are limits on how many people can gather in one place.
Hotels & accommodation
All accommodation types, from hotels, to holiday cottages and campsites have strict hygiene and safety regulations in place. These range from more frequent cleaning to off-contact check-in and more. Please always check with your accommodation to receive information about their regulations.
Eating out
All restaurants, bars, cafes and similar in Denmark now close at 10pm (until October 31, 2020), and guests in all establishments have to wear a face mask at all times, except when they are seated.
Passengers have to wear a face mask on public transport, in taxis, in airports and on flights. Find out more about travelling by plane, ferry, bus and train in Denmark right here.
Frequently-asked questions
From what to do if you suspect you have contracted the coronavirus as a tourist in Denmark, to up to date infection rates, the answers are available here.