Fahrradfahrer auf dem Dänischen Ostseeradweg in Südjütland

Pédalez au Danemark dans le sillage de Jonas Vingegaard !

Photo: Niclas Jessen

Testez vos talents de cycliste en suivant les traces du cycliste danois vainqueur du Tour de France 2023 et 2022 dans sa région natale au nord du Jutland.

When 25-year-old Jonas Vingegaard won the Tour de France this summer, it was a cause for great celebration in Denmark. Not only had the country hosted the Grand Départ, the first three stages of the world-famous race, putting the world’s best cycling race in Copenhagen, one of the world’s best cities for cycling, for the first time, but one of its countrymen also brought home the prize.

In 2023, a Netflix documentary[1] will be putting the cyclist in the spotlight once more, with a detailed behind-the-scenes take on what it means to compete in and win the gruelling race. The documentary is expected to air in the first half of the year.

We interviewed him to find out more about how Denmark has played a role in his cycling life, starting with the tracks and hills he grew up learning to ride on.

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Thy National Park

Jonas Vingegaard was raised in Thy, one of the country’s most wild beautiful regions beside the North Sea in North Jutland, and cycled locally for fun before he grew serious about the sport and joined clubs in Thy, Aalborg and Odder.

The unspoilt nature of Thy National Park makes it a great place to get in the saddle. There are plenty of bike routes to choose from suiting all abilities, including the well-signposted West Coast Cycle Route (National Cycle Route 1) and areas around Flade, Ørum and Vandet lakes.

Two new cycle routes opened up in Thy National Park in 2022. The Animal Paradise cycle route is a 44km route past otters, cranes and other birdlife through Ice Age hills, while the Forces of Nature cycle route takes cyclists 43km along dunes and the wild sea with the wind at their backs.

Cycling North Jutland

Vingegaard and his family currently live in Glyngøre, North Jutland, a 2.5 hour cycle away from where he grew up. He knows those routes well: since he was a teenager, he has trained all over the region and they are still roads he loves to cycle now, where, as he says, the nature is beautiful and there is not a lot of traffic.

There are plenty of great bike routes around Denmark’s most northerly city, Aalborg, where he was a part of the local cycling club, both around the city, and along the country’s east coast, in the East Coast Route, which takes in nature reserves, towns and coastal views. He also loves to cycle around Mors, a small island in the Limfjord, and all around Salling, the peninsula around Glyngøre in North Jutland.

For those wanting to test their endurance and stamina against the champion, there’s no better hill to climb than Pøt Mølle, a 30-minute drive northwest of Aarhus. With an average gradient of 9.7% over 565 metres, it’s considered one of Denmark’s hardest hills to cycle, and it’s the spot where Vingegaard had his breakthrough in 2016.

Highlights of the Tour de France route

In 2022, the Grand Départ began with three stages in Denmark, starting with a 13km time trial in Copenhagen. Take your time to explore the city’s streets – two wheels are the best way to get around – and don’t miss some of its spectacular cycling architecture, including the Bike Snake and the Harbour Circle. You can find out more about the city’s bike-friendly architecture here.

Those wanting to test their skills against the best in the world can take on stages two and three, Roskilde to Nyborg and Vejle to Sønderborg, respectively, and experience some of the key cycling challenges that Vingegaard and the rest of the peloton took on. Unlike the cyclists, you can feel free to take your time and stop at the many distractions along the way, from bakeries and beaches to the award-winning Wave building in Vejle.

“The most beautiful view was when we passed the Great Belt Bridge,” he said. “That was really a moment to remember.”

All about cycling in Denmark

Jonas and his young family also love to travel around Denmark when there’s a break in the competition circuit, and you might well see him training on one of Denmark’s quieter roads.

“The bike fits in the back of my car, so I bring it to different parts of Denmark when I visit friends and family and train wherever I am,” he said. He considers Denmark as a great place to cycle with good, safe routes all over. 

If you’re tempted to hit Denmark’s bike routes and discover the thrill of the open road, this bike-friendly country delivers at all levels. From where to hire a bike to the rules of the road, long-distance routes and how to deal with a puncture, you’ll find all you need to know about cycling in Denmark here: Cycling in Denmark


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