Thingbæk Limestone Mines

Thingbæk Limestone Mines is a part of Rebildcentret
Wherever you go you wil almost surely find a museum or an art gallery, but perhaps none so unusual as this one at Thingbæk.
Here some unique sculptures are exhibited in a disused chalk mine, a dramatic setting heightened by strategically placed subdued lighting.

The works displayed are the creations of two notable Danish sculptors from the 1900 century, Anders Bundgaard and Carl Johan Bonnesen.

Mostly in gypsum these figures are original models from which the majority of the finished works were cast in bronze, and which can be seen in cities and towns all over Denmark.

They represent a variety of subjects inspired by everything from the Bible to Danish legend and history.

In addition there are a few figures and heads sculptured directly out of the wails of the mine.

Probably the most impressive exhibit is that of the Cimbrian Bull. One and a half times life size it is a fine study of a ferocious bull pawing the ground and about to charge.

Disused chalk mines are typical habitats of bats. All winter they hibernate, but in spring and fail they fly lively in and out of the mine. In the Tingbæk mines there are five different species.

We hope You enjoy Your visit to the mines!

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    • Limestone quarry
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Latitude : 56.832