Bed & Breakfast - Arvid Højholt

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Bed & Breakfast
Arvid Højholt offers accommodation in two bright double-bedrooms, in a modern villa at Solsiden in Nørresundby. There is only a short walk to the nearest busstop, which can take you to most of Aalborg.

Solsiden 12B

9400 Nørresundby


Téléphone:98 17 67 86

Mobile:26 15 67 86

The rooms have their own entrance, shared bathroom, and access to a kitchen. Both rooms are equipped with cable-TV and wireless internet. You can buy breakfast for a small, added fee, and you can also wash your clothes. The airport is also only a short distance away.

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Solsiden 12B

9400 Nørresundby


Capacity: Beds (9)

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