Denmark's only bird cliff outside Bornholm.
Bulbjerg is a protected nature area, and a beautiful place to visit, for everyone!

Bulbjerg is a forty-seven metre high limestone cliff, and Denmark's only bird cliff. Kittiwakes, a North Atlantic seabird, nest here on the exposed cliff ledges. 

There is a magnificent view from the top, and a hundred-and-thirty meters out to sea from the foot of the cliff, one can see the remains of Skarreklit (a huge pillar of chalk stone rock, nearly 20m high), which collapsed during a storm in 1978.

During the World War ll, Bulbjerg was used as a listening and radar post for the German gun battery, at Hanstholm. In a radius of 1 -2 miles south and east of Bulbjerg, one can still see many traces of the occupation here, during the war. Most significant are the many bunkers and machine gun positions, which are scattered around the dunes.