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World-class science center in Copenhagen. 

Experiments fizz and sputter and the air fills with square soap bubbles. Families skip and dance in an interactive theatre. At Experimentarium in Hellerup, curious minds come to life, and come to play.

Experimentarium is Copenhagen’s science museum, located 15 minutes north of Copenhagen City Centre in Hellerup. The science centre is a celebration of curiosity, and is dedicated to playful science. It offers hours of fun for the entire family, bringing science to life through hands-on exploration.

The centre comprises three indoor floors with 18 interactive exhibitions about science and technology, plus an interactive rooftop with the option of open air activities (from Spring to Fall). You'll also find science shows and a restaurant - the Experimentarium is huge and, not surprisingly, the place is especially popular with families.

Interactive and hands-on science

Some of the highlights of the exhibitions include the “Tunnel of Senses”, where you are ‘born' at one end and 'die' at the other, and along the way you experience your senses unfold and fade away. In The Port's enormous interactive ball track, you ship pork and designer furniture to the Far East, bring computers and rice back to Denmark and learn an important lesson about world trade and carbon dioxide.

Dive into the physics and chemistry of water and go on an underwater safari in the mysterious submarine in the water exhibition ‘The Beach’. Do not miss 'The Bubblearium' where you can blow the most amazing soap bubbles or ‘The Idea Company’, where you can build prototypes of your inventions.

Forget about popcorn and relaxing in soft chairs in “The Interactive Film Theater”. Here you must jump, skip and dance to help the girl Anna in the fight against a mysterious fog.

Miniverset – science for toddlers and preschoolers

Children are natural-born scientists - every day they discover new things and learn about the world through play. In ’Miniverset’, children aged 1-5 years can learn about science through play. ’Miniverset’ is a fun, inspiring, and safe environment that nurtures children's basic understanding of science, while they and their adults are busy having the time of their lives.

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