Imerco Home (Herning City)

Photo: Erling Jørgensen
Imerco is your hardware dealer and life style store with everything in kitchen, table arrangement and accessories for the home. 

Bredgade 32

7400 Herning


Téléphone:+45 97 12 60 22

At Imerco in the main shopping street in Herning we sell all the known brand in kitchen, gift items and interior design. 

Our goal is to inspire the customers and have a really nice experience in the store. 

The staff are always ready to guide you with a smile on the lips. 

At Imerco you will find know brands like: Royal Copenhagen, Kay Bojesen, Bitz, Eva Solo and Imerco's own brands Cook & Baker, Erik Bagger and many more. 

Drop by and feel inspired in the shop. 


NB: The store is open the first Sunday of the month from 11 - 14. 



Bredgade 32

7400 Herning

Heures de travail

01 Jan 20 / 01 Jan 24

10:00 - 17:30

10:00 - 18:00

10:00 - 15:00

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