Inshore fishing - Tunellen

Photo: Lars Østergaard Jensen
Angling waters

4862 Guldborg


Sea trout in autumn, winter and spring. In summer, opportunities for rainbow trout and eel. Late summer and autumn, perch and flatfish.

Fishing area:
The stone walls around the tunnel on both Lolland-Falster sides. On the Falster-side you have to walk / bike the last kilometer, as motor traffic is prohibited. On the Lolland-side you pass the village of Hjelm to the south side of the tunnel.

Also fish along the lengths of the stone walls - the trout hunt for food that is hiding here. Waders are necessary.

Weather conditions:
Fish there where there is an offshore wind, as the current almost always carries drifting seaweed to the side where the wind is onshore.


4862 Guldborg


Inshore fishing

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