Shelters near Frihedsbroen, Kongeåstien

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Nature camps

Frihedsvej 6B

6630 Rødding


Hiking on path near the Kongeå, the stream that was the old historic boarder to Germany, and use one of the many shelters located along the route called ‘Kongeåstien’.
Where Kongeåen cross paths with ‘Hærvejen’s hike and bike routes and just south of the ‘Frihedsbro’ (the freedom bridge) you can find the shelters.

There are two shelters and they both have room for 4-5 people. There is running water, toilet facilities, a place for a bonfire and a set of table & bench.
The camp is located near a parking place where it is allowed to set up a tent.

On the northern part of the shore just after the bridge there is a spot where it is possible to dock the canoes.

It is free of charge to use the campsite along Kongeåstien. But leave the campsite cleaned after any use. The shelters cannot be booked in advance.



Frihedsvej 6B

6630 Rødding


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