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In the scenic Laven lies Terrassen Camping. Located in Denmark's only mountain town, you will experience fantastic views of Julsø from the campsites.

Himmelbjergvej 9a

8600 Silkeborg



Téléphone:+45 86841301

fax:+45 86841655

At Terrassen Camping you will find the most beautiful hiking, cycling and running routes in the most beautiful scenery. Located down to Julsø, there is plenty of opportunity for plenty of activities on the water, including canoe trips etc. In addition to lots of activities, there is also good opportunities for relaxing for adults, children and the family's best friend the dog.

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The ferry that sails to Ry, Himmelbjerget and Silkeborg is close to the camp site and otherwise the train station is close by - which can bring you to Silkeborg, Ry or Aarhus.


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Himmelbjergvej 9a

8600 Silkeborg

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