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Kostervej 51

4780 Stege


Téléphone:25 32 00 61

Mobile:61 60 92 70

At Tjørnemosegård in Koster on Møn, Jens Fjordhøj sells different kinds of honey from his own apiary: rapeseed, apple flower, clover and late summer honey and others.

During the summer holidays, Tjørnemosegård begins to collect the honey, so you can come by every Thursday to learn more about the world of bees and see the honey be thrown.

In the fall, free-range carcasses (moulard) and carcasses (Legarth) are raised, which are slaughtered in November.

In addition, fir, Christmas trees and Christmas things can be purchased for Christmas. But at Tjørnemosegård they love Christmas, so you can find Christmas things with them all year round.

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Kostervej 51

4780 Stege

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