Tour of Arne Jacobsen's Bellevue

Experience Arne Jacobsen’s iconic architecture north of Copenhagen.

Arne Jacobsen’s iconic building, The Bellevue Theatre, is located in beautiful nature surroundings north of Copenhagen, and it is a prime example of his classic, modern architecture. Experience the architecture at close hand with a guided tour around theatre and learn more about Arne Jacobsen, the history of the theatre and the famous architecture of the neighbourhood.

It is the perfect stop on the Kronborg or Louisiana Museum of Modern Architecture for everyone with an interest in architecture.

You can choose two types of tours at Bellevue: 45 minutes and 25 minutes. Both types of tours should be booked in advance via email. The short tour will take to the theater’s auditorium, while you will get to see more of the building’s interesting details with the longer tour.  

The short tour costs DKK 50 per person, and the longer one costs DKK 100.

The tours can be done in Danish, English, Spanish and German. Learn more about the tours here