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Vesthimmerlands Museum

A permanent exhibition about Himmerland's past. Special exhibitions dealing with art and cultural history. The collections include rarities of national standing dating from the stone and bronze ages.

The prehistoric exhibition, The Cimbri-Himmerland-Europe especially deals with, the exceptional Iron age finds. The recent history of the area is revealed with the exhibition. A Thousand Years of Time showing textiles, tools and other artifacts from twenty generations. And some of the stories, landscapes and myths from old Himmerland.

Vesthimmerlands Museum in Aars is an established gallery that through the years has exhibited modern art. In the town stretching round the museum you will find sculptures, and works of art made by artists such as Ortwed, Kronhammer, Gernes, Winther, Kirkeby and others. The large museum building - in itself is a work of art built in red brick in the shape of hammer of Thor - and is designed by the world famous artist Per Kirkeby.

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