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Aarhus Øje - Attraction at Aarhus Lighthouse

Take the journey to the top of Aarhus Øje (Aarhus Eye), where you can experience one of Denmark's most breathtaking views. The destination is located in Denmark's tallest building, Lighthouse. You can also take a trip to the basement and explore a fascinating exhibition about Aarhus, the bay, and biology - and regardless of your choice, we promise you'll experience something truly extraordinary and unforgettable.

Aarhus Øje, the Aarhus Eye, is a new and innovative attraction in Aarhus—an experiential destination that takes you on a unique journey through the layers of time, from the basement to the top of the 44th floor, all while providing an amazing view.

Aarhus Øje - a view from 142 metres

Step into the high-speed lift and feel the rush as you reach the top of Aarhus Øje, 142 metres above the ground, in less than 30 seconds.

The highlight of Aarhus Øje is, of course, the breathtaking view from the 44th floor. From this spectacular vantage point you will experience a panoramic view of Aarhus Bay, the city skyline and the surrounding landscape.

The City & Bay exhibition

In the basement awaits an exciting exhibition, 'The City & the Bay,' which delves into the history of Aarhus. From the shaping of the landscape during the last ice age to the city's role as an important trading centre in the Viking Age and up to the present day. The interactive exhibition invites you to explore how nature and people have shaped the city over time.

The exhibition combines physical scenography, digital tools and authentic artefacts. Look through the water binoculars and see if one of the bay's fish swims by. Crawl through one of the old sewer pipes leading to the bay and see where you end up. Sit back and enjoy a film that introduces the bay and the city's development from the Viking Age to the present day.

The Lighthouse

Lighthouse, Denmark's tallest building, is Aarhus' new iconic masterpiece. It rises majestically on Aarhus Island, welcoming everyone to the city from the waterfront.

Read more about Lighthouse here.

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