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Accommodation at Naturdestination Skovsgaard - Nature holiday

If you dream of getting out into nature, learning more about it and spending time with other families, then a nature holiday is just the thing for you.

Nature holiday to Skovsgaard

When you book a nature holiday at Skovsgaard, you get a complete package:

  • A tipi tent furnished with pallet beds, mattresses, bedding and cosiness - designed for 4 people
  • Access to a common room with standard ovens, fridge, crockery and all basic kitchen equipment, which is shared with the other guests
  • Access to the entire Skovsgaard area with exhibitions, nature workshop, hiking trails, etc.
  • A daily programme of activities for either families with children aged 3-12 years or tweens & teens aged 12-15 years
  • Breakfast from Café Haven and ingredients to make your own dinner

As a guest on our nature stays, you get the optimal setting for a holiday with room for nature education, tranquillity and contemplation. You decide how much you want to bring - and you also help cook dinner in the company of the other families. We see it as a relaxing holiday where both young and old get a little more than they expect.

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