Accommodation at the Strandfogedgården by Rubjerg Knude

Photo: Lønstrup Turistbureau
Nature camps
At Herberget on Strandfogedgården there are accommodation possibilities for hikers and cyclists.

Langelinie 2

9480 Løkken




Here you will find 10 beds. There is access to kitchen and bathroom. Accommodation at Strandfogedgården is reserved for hikers and cyclists.

Arrival during opening hours: Refer to the museum's ticket sales

Arrival outside opening hours: Contact Jakob Kofoed, tel. 3134 6291

There is a charge of DKK 100 per person. Overnight stay at mobilpay
Once paid, you will get a code to the door

Make sure to leave the place as clean as when you arrived.



Langelinie 2

9480 Løkken

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