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Action House - Laser tag

At Action House you can experience an exciting and action-packed day with their Lasergame experience. They use LaserMaxx systems, which are the leader in the European market, guaranteeing a high quality and an intense experience.

Action House has three full floors for their Lasergame experience, so there's plenty of room to explore and compete with friends. There is loud music in the background which adds an extra dimension to the game and the guns are equipped with flashlights to add an extra challenge to the game.

There are different corridors to explore and different game types to try. It is not possible to play alone, so it is a good opportunity to gather friends and family for a fun evening. The more people there are, the more fun it will be.

There are lots of different game types, including shooting powerbots at the walls that can shoot back. There is also the ability to use submachine guns and shields, change color and even become invisible. There are scorecards for each player so you can see how you are doing compared to the others.

All in all, Lasergame at Action House is a fun and exciting experience for anyone who loves action and competition. With the different game types and the guaranteed high quality of the LaserMaxx system, you will not be disappointed.

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